Report: United States and Russia Finally “Cooperating” and “Working Together” In The Syrian Civil War

If you have been following this issue for a while, you would know that the United States and Russians have a frosty relationship. When it comes to sharing intelligence; sharing defense (army/navy/airforce/centcom) is exactly none existent.

What you might also know is that the United States and Russia are currently fighting a “Proxy War” against one another in the Syria – if you want to know what proxy means, CLICK HERE —-> Proxy

The Russian are essentially supplying the arms to Assad and Syrian Nationalists as well as their physical presence. The United States is arming the Kurd’s and the ‘rebels’ trying to throw Assad out of power – giving them physical backing as well.

Without the presence of either country, and their money, weapons, air force’s, bombs – without the Capitalization of arms trade (the sale of physical weapons as a profit) to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan – Syria would not be nearly the powder keg it is today.

With this in mind, the United States and Russia have somehow done all of this without actually going to War with one another directly – this is what is meant by Syria being a “proxy” between the two countries. The countries are ipso facto at War with each other, they just don’t want to admit it yet.

For Example:

Putting it perhaps more gently? The fact of the matter is the the lines in Syria are no clearly drawn and the lines are often blurred – on both sides. It has  not been uncommon for the US to bomb Russian forces in the region and vice versa.  As of 8/22/2016, this just happened two days ago:

Except, Russia did not really know it was the United States directly – because they never communicate. The sharing of intelligence is strictly “confidential”  – no Hillary pun intended, but we all thought it – especially between Russian and US Defense Departments specifically.

But now there is a breakthrough, coming straight from the top US commander in Syria, 8/22/2016 – as reported by Russian news sources, the US has begin to share defense intelligence directly with Russia. Please Read Here:

Some will paint this story negatively, saying something perhaps like ‘the US is giving an unprecedented warning to Russia’. Some will try to paint this as a divisive issue, but perhaps this is not the case. Perhaps this is a breakthrough in communication. In theory the more coordinated the War effort, the more smoothly the ‘war efforts’ for both sides would become.

Hopefully this means there will be less bombings in the future, not more.

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