Chilling Drone Footage Chronicles The Destruction Caused by The Syrian Civil War

This Tuesday, drone footage was released of the Syrian city of Kinsabba, a city once home to over 500 Syrian nationals. According to Russia Today, “Kinsabba along with nearby areas in the northeastern Latakia province have been held by the Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest) militant group consisting of Al-Qaeda affiliated militant groups.“That is until the city was liberated by the Syrian government at the end of July.

Despite their success in reclaiming the land, the damage had already been done. On Tuesday the media released the latest round of drone footage coming out of Syria showing the devastating effects War has had on the land. The video adds to a long list of disturbing footage coming out of the area over recent months.

Further down the article is more footage of the Syrian War and the destruction it has caused. If you have never seen them before, it should serve as a dramatic wake up call. This is what War looks like, this is what War accomplishes. It never ceases to amaze me that in 2016, society and humanity has not evolved past War.

This is a video of the capitol city – Damascus, Syria – the Syrian equivalent of Washington D.C (photos taken just 6 months ago)

Now here is the village of Homs, Syria – the once third most populated city in Syria. The US equivalent of Chicago.

As of February 2016, nearly 500,000 Syrians had died since 2011 when the War their began.

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